2016 shows a ton of new faces as well as old ones for us. Dylan Notaro, Jacob "Camokid" Putman, Elysia Potter and Michael Godby return in hopes to achieve success for this season. While Cole Bruce, Franklin Caricofe, Logan Clark, Garrett Lowe, Jayson DiDonna and Daniel Silvestri all hope to achieve success of their own in their first season with us!

Stillwell Racing Today

Stillwell Racing 

We were formed back in 2006 when Walter Stillwell's son, Jordan, began racing. In his first season he won 3 times and eventually moved up into Legend cars a couple years later. 

After Jordan moved into Legend Cars, Walter began to setup and take care of multiple Bandoleros while continuing to help his son further his career.

With over 20 years of experience, Walter Stillwell is the brains behind the operation of Stillwell Racing.

His skills have now been passed down to his son, and together they've put together a fast Legend Car that Jordan drives as well as very fast Bandoleros. 



The commitment of this team is to produce quality cars and drivers is a important, but not as important as sharing our faith in Jesus Christ and being open and honest about our Christian beliefs. We also like to maintain the importance of family values and family oriented fun at the race track!