Jordan Stillwell is a man on a mission.  Jordan is a  21 year-old from Kannapolis, NC. He started racing when he was 11 years old in the Bandolero Series and within two years he moved into the Legend Car Series. 

In his short career he has accumulated 24 wins, two track championships and a Top Gun Award for the most wins during a single season at Concord Speedway. The past few years my racing has been cut back due to the lack of sponsorship.  He has only raced in the Summer Shootout series where he collected
multiple top 5's as well as top 10's, and finished seventh in the Championship Points Standings. 

Racing is his passion and he strives to be the best he can be in the car as well as outside of the car.  Jordan understands that his personality is as important as his skills on the track.  Since he  has had more time outside of the car, he has been able to find opportunities off the track by working as the assistant driving instructor for U.S. Legend Cars driving school program. 

He also helps train the ladies for the Better Half Dash as the chase car, and teaches the balance portion of the Charlotte Motor Speedway STEM Program.  Being selected to represent your company would give him  the one shot I have been working so hard to obtain and I am ready to prove that I have what it takes.

Jordan is now ready to take his experience and talent as a driver to the next step.   He plans to compete in the ARCA Series, and begin racing on a touring series with a national stage.